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Are you a leader, coach, consultant or Human Capital Management professional looking for a way to respond to your clients’ needs and challenges faster, more effectively and with greater impact?

The Instinctive Drives System will be a great addition to your tool box and, if our partner feedback is anything to go by, maybe the best thing in it!

We’ll load you up with tools, resources and support, setting you up to provide powerful insights and practical insights to help your clients and stakeholders achieve better results faster. In turn, you’ll generate more business and great referrals!

As a Certified I.D. Partner you’ll get access to great training, build a revenue stream, and enjoy product discounts. You’ll also become part of a fast-growing network of passionate people using I.D. to create positive interactions around the world – enabling people to be at their best; relationships to thrive; customers to engage and businesses to get great results!

Upcoming Programs

  • San Francisco, USA: August 22nd - 25th
  • Sydney, Australia: October 24th (Monday) – 27th (Thursday)
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Instinctive Drives has been a game-changer for me, personally and professionally. The certification was priceless - worth the time, money and travel. The methodology and application left me confident to share Instinctive Drives with others. If you lead, train or coach it will enable you to help clients, teams and co-workers dig into their innate self and natural talents to achieve their personal and professional missions.

Briane Agostinelli, I.D. 4844

Certified Exercise Physiologist and Wellness Practitioner

Knowing my client’s I.D., I can consult them with laser-sharp accuracy and acceleration. I know how to work with them so that they can get exactly what they need in a usable and translatable way. After using this tool as a consultant for over 6 years, I can’t even imagine working with someone without knowing his or her I.D.

Nita Tucker - I.D. 5834

Executive Coach and Business Consultant

I highly recommend the I.D. Partner Certification program. The level of support and materials you receive is unparalleled. The team at Instinctive Drives truly wants you to utilize I.D. to improve the impact and value you have with your clients and organizations. I am thrilled to be embedding I.D. into the core of my coaching and consulting practice.

Tara A. Collinson Phd., I.D. 5528

Principal & Founder, Clarity Consulting & Coaching

The Instinctive Drives System offers rare insight into people by capturing why they do what they do. As an Executive Consultant to corporate leaders, I’ve intensely used the I.D. for over a decade and watched it repeatedly transform leaders, teams and relationships with minimum disruption to the business. It is a game changer.

Gwen Parks, I.D. 7247, Certified I.D. Partner

Executive Consultant, Gwen Parks Group

The Instinctive Drives Partner Certification program was worth every minute and dollar. I’ve used the I.D. for years, but feel like I now have a much more solid grounding in the assessment and the principles behind it. I.D. is such a powerful tool for change, and I’m now using it with most of my clients in my executive coaching practice. If you’re thinking about going - go!

Carolyn Murphy, I.D. 7445

Executive Coach and Consultant

I use I.D. for coaching to give clients, friends and family deep insights about themselves. In addition, understanding what I need to be my best and recognizing when those needs are missing in my life gives me a formula for understanding the ups and downs of life and taking control to ensure many more ups than downs.

Bob Wood, I.D. 7562

Executive Coach and Recruiter, The Sterling Group