Install the foundations of an extraordinary culture

The Instinctive Drives System creates a Culture of Authenticity throughout an organization by radically shifting the level of self-awareness across all stakeholders, allowing people to understand and action what they (and others) need to be at their best.

The Instinctive Drives System creates a Culture of Trust by providing a Common Language that uncovers people’s real motivations, values and intentions allowing them to effectively collaborate, thrive and succeed in their diversity.

The Instinctive Drives System provide leaders with strategic insights into what drives and motivates their people. Understanding this, enables leaders to optimise their strategy by accounting for what people need to be at their best and structuring every team for success and creating a culture of performance across the organization.

Assessments, Reports & Collaboration Tools

Our unique assessment uncovers the underlying motivations that determine exactly what a person needs to be at their best. It differs to other profiling tools, by focusing on innate drives rather than behaviors that may change over time – it gets to the core of what makes people tick.

...The I.D. Questionnaire takes participants 10-15 minutes to complete. They receive their I.D. Result, an Interactive I.D. Experience and a comprehensive I.D. Report – all helping them discover what they need to be at their best, their natural talents and vulnerabilities, AND how to use I.D. to live their life in peak performance. Access the power of the I.D. System via our web-based portal and mobile applications (iOS and Android) and you’ll have all you need to set up for success.

With a private dedicated network on our I.D. Platform, members can view co-workers’ profiles, getting a snapshot of them at peak performance and viewing strategies for collaborating effectively with them.

Teams can also download members’ Collaboration Reports, while leaders can access Management Strategies Reports to support their team members’ success. A private network also enables our unique I.D. Culture feature including powerful insights and strategies.

Ecosystem & Workshops

We help organizations integrate the power of the I.D. System into their everyday operations. Our API-enabled platform creates single sign-on capability and dashboard control, and we assist with setting-up of a Project Management Office for wide-scale deployment.... Our unique I.D. Champion program trains and supports chosen participants to help individuals and teams within their organization get the most from the I.D. System and master its related tools and technologies. ​Our I.D. Connect Microsoft Outlook plug-in enables real-time access to strategies in meetings and when emailing – helping organizations further use the power of I.D. to drive collaboration and performance.

Transformational Protocols & Insights

Our consulting and workshops use the power of the I.D. System to get to the core of performance challenges and goals for leaders, teams and organizations. We explore the impact of a leader’s I.D. style on team dynamics and deep-dive into a team’s I.D. Culture.... We shift to fast-tracking an understanding of what each team member needs to be at their best and the value of their natural talents, introducing key protocols to build the trust critical to effective collaboration. Finally, we help the leader and team shape strategies based on their specific needs, goals and challenges – to accelerate their high performance journey.