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Makis Chrysanthos

In one word: “Creativity”. I believe our life’s purpose centres on what we create. I love contributing to help entrepreneurs and business leaders develop great people and build great businesses.

I.D. impacted me significantly when I was going through a career transition in my early thirties – having completed an MBA and also studied a number of other behaviour and values based systems. My application of I.D. has since provided insight and value about myself, my family, my team and my clients EVERY day of EVERY year and has yielded a very rich and unconventional experience. I.D. will provide me with a perspective about almost all human interactions.

I have been a business adviser in some capacity my entire career. I have always enjoyed engaging with clients to help them tackle their business challenges and opportunities from both a strategic and people perspective.

I have always loved the principles of lifelong learning and continuous improvement. There is an opportunity to learn from every problem and every interaction every day. I find I am often able to leverage an experience from one business situation to another, in a completely different industry and business context from one day to next.

Business really is a team sport. No one has a monopoly on great ideas and I love participating in the creative process with both consulting teams and client teams.

My partnership with Link-up over the years has let me leverage all these ‘talents’ supported by a great team, supporting great leaders, working for great companies from Sydney to London, and from Bangalore to San Francisco on any given day of the week. This is a very fulfilling experience.