Paul Burgess
Creator and Founder of the Instinctive Drives System

What’s the genius of the Use Verify drive? Everybody has a genius within them linked to their I.D.

What’s the genius of the Avoid Verify drive? It’s things you do naturally that everybody is in awe of.  Paul explains more in our next genius video. 

In the next series of “What’s your Genius?” videos Paul takes a look at the genius of the Use Authenticate drive.

If you are strong in the Avoid Authenticate drive, do you know what your special power is? What we mean by this is your psychic ability, the thing that is unexplainable but it’s an incredible gift of yours that others are in awe of.  Its your Genius!


In our next genius series Paul discusses the Use Complete drive.

Are you being true to yourself to let your genius shine? Paul takes a look at the genius of the Avoid Complete drive.

Paul looks at the genius around the Use Improvise drive and how you can use it to be at your best. 

What’s the genius within you? Paul takes a look at the Avoid Improvise drive.

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What happens when a 1 and an 8 in the Instinct to Authenticate meet? Hear how Paul Burgess, creator of Instinctive Drives, and his long time friend and I.D. Black Belt, Greg Myer, hit upon a defining moment that speaks to the power of what is possible when two diverse I.D.s connect.