Get insights and strategies to positively impact how you connect, communicate and collaborate with others.

And when your friends, family and colleagues also take the Instinctive Drives questionnaire you’ll find even more ways to create rewarding, productive and fun relationships.

Whatever your challenges or goals, the Instinctives Drives System will help to experience more positive interactions and build stronger relationships.

Discover your I.D.

I dove straight into using I.D. for myself as a leader, my team as collaborators and my family as my support because it delivered the power of truth immediately. It is confronting to receive honest insight into who you are - and - it is hugely rewarding.  I.D. enables the kind of reflection that catapults personal growth. After I enjoyed the benefit of it, I wanted the influential people in my work and personal life to as well. Every one of those people without exception has thanked me for sharing it with them.

Matt - I.D. 3638

Understanding my I.D. along with my partners has made a profound impact on the success of my personal and professional life. A crucial tool for everyone I believe! I'm spreading the word.

Diana - I.D. 2756

Through I.D. we discovered that my wife and I are driven similarly in some ways – and totally opposite in others! Now we both understand why she has a need to plan ahead and think through the risks - and why I need to keep my options open and act in the moment – we’re able to manage things in a way that no longer drives each other crazy – and plays to our different strengths.

Geraint - I.D. 4547

By simply knowing another person’s I.D., and them knowing yours, what would typically be an argument turns into a much more productive conversation. You know what their focus is, and you can discuss how to meet both of your goals and deal with both sets of concerns.

Thomas - I.D. 7734