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100K+ people have their I.D. What's yours?
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The I.D. System
Different than other profiling tools that measure personality and behavior, the I.D.™ Questionnaire uncovers your innate drives and motivations to reveal why you do what you do and exactly what you need to be at your best.
✨ Platform Features:
I.D. Insights & Strategies
Explore personalized content or search others to compare I.D. styles and discover ways to collaborate effectively.
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Coaching Tips
Receive regular tips for yourself and others and use I.D. every day to stay in stride personally and collaborate faster and more effectively across teams.
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I.D. Pulse
Track your levels of energy, effectiveness, and fulfilment to stay on top of what you need to be your best, identify sources of stress, and take action to get back in stride.
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I.D. Culture
Generate a group’s I.D. Culture to discover a team’s characteristics, what it needs to stay engaged, and how to manage potential roadblocks to success.
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"The I.D. is the best technology platform I've seen for helping people interact more effectively across an organization. It is becoming a 'common language' here at Infoblox, with individuals and teams regularly referring to each other's I.D.s to shape more effective conversations and outcomes."
- Jesper Anderson, Board Member Infoblox.
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See how I.D. can make a difference for you and your team
Who do we help?
I.D. helps individuals
Find greater levels of success & fulfillment
Boost energy, effectiveness, & well-being
Build resilience to deal with tougher times
Fast-track their development & career goals
Enhance personal & professional relationships
I.D. helps leaders
Understand their authentic leadership style
Manage their natural bias & impact on others
Leverage the insights of a team’s I.D. Culture
Target actions to create high performing teams
Enhance their impact, brand, & career goals
I.D. helps teams
Understand the different needs of others
Build trust critical & collaborate effectively
Reduce tensions & communication breakdown
Have the ‘tough conversations’ constructively
Leverage its talents & manage ‘watch out fors’
I.D. helps organizations
Empower well-being AND performance
Shape positive & inclusive cultures
Fast-track leadership development
Retain, grow, and attract key talent
Target action with insightful analytics
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I have known my I.D. for over 15 years and have found it really compelling as a leadership in­strument. It has proven to be a very valuable framework to build and reinvigorate my teams. It has also been extremely important to guide the pivotal business and career decisions I have made.
- Michael Clarke, Former Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte Private
100K+ people have their I.D. What's yours?
See how I.D. can make a difference for you and your team