The I.D. System™

How Instinctive Drives™ Works

Imagine living each day ‘in the zone’ with energy, focus, excitement and purpose!

Everyone has a natural way of doing things that works best for them – what’s yours?

The Instinctive Drives questionnaire reveals your innate drives and motivations, uncovering exactly what you need to be at your best – personally and professionally.

When you do things in the way that works for you, you will:

By completing the Instinctive Drives questionnaire, you’ll discover exactly what you need to be at your best; the natural talents you can leverage and the natural vulnerabilities to watch out for. You’ll also get heaps of targeted, practical strategies to help you get the results you’re seeking.

Unlike other profiling tools that measure behavior and personality, the Instinctive Drives System gets to the heart of how you’re naturally wired - take the questionnaire once and you’ll have a life-time personal success code.

The I.D. changed my life! I really understand myself for the first time ever. Everyone should do it. It’s easy, fun and full of useful information.

Lisa, I.D. 6682

I discovered my Instinctive Drives two years ago. It has been transformational for me personally and professionally. How would I quantify its value? Let’s just say if somebody ever offers you your I.D. on one hand and the keys to a Ferrari on the other: take the I.D.!

Johan, I.D. 5447

I have known my I.D. for over 15 years and have found it really compelling as a leadership instrument. It has proven to be a very valuable framework to build and reinvigorate my teams. It has also been extremely important to guide the pivotal business and career decisions I have made.

Michael Clarke

Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte Private

Learning about my I.D. created an "ah-ha" moment in my life that continues to bring benefits every day - 20 years later! I learned to pay close attention to things I’d previously ignored, denied or just not accepted.

Linda, I.D. 2539

I loved the I.D. for three reasons – (1) Accuracy! (2) It gave all our team members great insights into each other and a better understanding of the different skills people bring to the workplace (3) Completing the I.D. is simple with instant and comprehensive results.

Sandra Willis

Director Wealthways Pty

What I’ve learned about my I.D. changed the way in which I understood myself and that impact has been immense. Having such clarity about what moves you as an individual and what motivates your actions - well that’s been enormous for me.

Ruark, I.D. 6734

Understanding my I.D. along with my partners has made a profound impact on the success of my personal and professional life. A crucial tool for everyone I believe! I'm spreading the word.

Diana, I.D. 2756

As an Executive Consultant to corporate leaders, I’ve intensely used the I.D. for over a decade and watched it repeatedly transform leaders, teams and relationships with minimum disruption to the business. It is a game changer.

Gwen Parks, I.D. 7247

Certified I.D. Partner, Executive Consultant, Gwen Parks Group

I.D. has helped me better understand that I am who I am -- an evangelist, people person, team making improviser. Embracing my drives and leaning into them will help make me into the best version of myself I can possibly be!

Rainya, I.D. 3348

Through I.D. we discovered that my wife and I are driven similarly in some ways – and totally opposite in others! Now we’re able to manage things in a way that no longer drives each other crazy – and plays to our different strengths.

Geraint, I.D. 4547

By simply knowing another person’s I.D., and them knowing yours, what would typically be an argument turns into a much more productive conversation. You know what their focus is, and you can discuss how to meet both of your goals and deal with both sets of concerns.

Thomas, I.D. 7734

The I.D. System has helped me re-craft my conversations with my team and peers, and it has helped me to become more self-aware of the impact of my style on others.

Randy Pond

EVP, Operations, Processes & Systems, Cisco Systems, Inc.