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™Authors: Dr. Anneke Fitzgerald, Ms. Natalie Ferres, Dr. Ann Dadich, Ms. Kara Hamilton

This report examines the reliability and validity of the I.D. System™, a unique program that identifies a personal formula for success and fulfillment. The four instincts identified by the Instinctive Drives™  System that make up the I.D.™ (Verify, Authenticate, Complete and Improvise) define your natural instincts, including why you do what you do, and offer unique insight into your needs, talents and vulnerabilities.

Understanding the drives of individuals and then employing specific strategies for success can enhance communication and management. This study explores this claim. More specifically, the study statistically validates the I.D.™ Questionnaire and explores the relationship between the questionnaire and personality factors, leadership style and general health. The study also explores the inherent value of the I.D. System™, including the questionnaire outcomes (or I.D.™ profile) and associated targeted strategies for improvement.

This research found that the I.D.™ survey tool is reliable and valid.


A reliable and valid catalyst for improving team performance

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