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An interview with Treaven Martinus, CEO Martinus Rail

In our first Game-Changer interview of 2021 – with Treaven Martinus, CEO of Martinus Rail. Learn about the authentic leadership and strategic mindset behind one of Australia’s most genuine “concept to disruption”, fast-growth success stories!
Martinus Rail is an Australian-based company specialising in the delivery of medium to large scale rail infrastructure and systems with operations across Australia, New Zealand and Chile. From an “idea” conceived 15 years ago in his lounge room, Treaven has built Martinus Rail into a large-scale, globally competitive, disruptive, award-winning organisation, with more than 600 employees, and now competes globally with major infrastructure companies.
What Treaven has built in only 15 relatively short years is truly exceptional! And it’s not just his business success! Treaven’s is a story of passion, grit and authenticity across all facets of his life – and a very concrete demonstration of what’s really possible when you live in-stride on a consistent basis, true to yourself…and with a mindset that isn’t constrained by ‘norms’.