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Christa McDermott

My role focuses on content and product development, and particularly on creating the easy-to-use insights and strategies found on our I.D. Platform and within the materials delivered by our professional consulting team.

With over 12 years working with the I.D. System™, I’ve had lots of opportunity to see its positive impact on Individuals, teams and organizations. The feedback I love the most is when people say how practical it is – yes, we explain the ‘why’ behind what people need to be at their best in a very profound way, but we also give people tools and strategies to use that insight to get more of the results they’re looking for – and less of the stress and frustration!

I’m particularly excited by new tools such as I.D. Connect, which enable people to access the power of I.D. real-time in meetings and when e-mailing, immediately setting themselves up for more successful outcomes and building better relationships.