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Paul Burgess

Driven to pursue a vision with purpose, passion and energy, Founder of The I.D. System, CEO of Link-up International and Co-founder Instinctive Drives Inc.

Paul’s passion for helping people live life at peak performance fueled his extensive research into what really makes people tick. He concluded that people’s innate motivations provided the key to their success and fulfillment. After much searching, and only finding profiling tools that measured behavior and personality, in 1991 he invented Instinctive Drives.

As CEO of Link-up, Paul uses I.D. to consult at the highest levels of leadership within global organizations. As an executive coach and trusted advisor, he works with leaders to transform the way that people work and do business together. His engaging style and results driven approach, delivers positive outcomes for individual, team and company performance.

Paul has also coached and inspired hundreds of individuals and teams within sports, education, small businesses and the not-for-profit sector. A charismatic and motivational speaker, he thrives when partnering with others to help them find greater success and fulfillment and achieve unprecedented results. He is author of Natural Born Success, published by Wiley.