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Do opposites really attract?

In short yes, opposites frequently do attract.

But, ironically, the very same things that sparked that attraction can, over time, become a source of irritation, resentment and even relationship breakdown.

For example, you might be attracted to a person who is really organized, only to find that further down the track this same trait starts to really grate on you, coming across as overly structured and controlling.

Equally, someone whose fun and spontaneity initially drew you towards them can, years later, trigger resentment for behaviors you now see as irresponsible, superficial or flippant.

It all comes down to our perception and whether we choose to stay focused on their positives or, instead, zoom in on the flip-side of the same coin and see those traits as negatives.

It’s not to say that things that are frustrating or irritating to others can’t be worked on or improved, but every strength or talent naturally comes with its opposite – a vulnerability or shadow side with the potential to irritate others! For example, someone great at solving problems may start solving all your problems, even when you don’t want them to. Or, someone quick to get involved and offer help might begin to ‘take over the whole show’ at every opportunity.

Learning to find the balance is a challenging, but often fun, part of a relationship. Stay focused on those positives and take time to talk through those irritations – whether yours or theirs! Hopefully, with a good dose of humor thrown in, you’ll get to keep that initial spark of attraction alive!