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Ilona McCullough

I love what I do because I’ve seen it really make a difference and change lives. How people communicate and collaborate both in their work and personal lives. It really works!

I have used similar tools to the I.D. System in the past, and what makes this tool different is that it actually creates strategies to affect real change. In my own personal experience using it, it has helped me understand areas where I have succeeded and failed in my work and personal life.

As your consultant, I will create a safe environment to connect, have fun and engage with each other. By helping to educate and change, to find the best way for you all to work together. All while allowing you to come together, innovate and improvise.

Sometimes when mentoring, things don’t go the way you expect them to, they go the way they need to, and you need to be present for that.

An example of this was with a leader I consulted with. She was looking to manage someone out of the business, they were complete opposite I.Ds. I worked with her for six weeks, speaking once a week. This gave them an opportunity to understand each other and they are now not only good friends, but she works as her chief of staff.

This is why I love teaching people and new consultants about the I.D.