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Vicky Tsoukalas

I am passionate about helping individuals unlock their potential! Making a difference to peoples’ lives and organizations absolutely motivates me!

The I.D. gets in deep and explains why we all do what we do. It identifies your natural motivations and talents. It is amazingly accurate and the insights are really profound. Unlike other tools, it will provide you with strategies to overcome your vulnerabilities as well as allowing you to reach your full potential both personally and professionally. We all deserve to feel fulfilled.

I am a collaborative consultant with strong business, organizational and interpersonal skills that enable me to have a significant impact on both individuals and organisations.

I have been the lead consultant for supporting leadership teams and functional teams. I am currently working with executive team members and respective teams across businesses in the Asia Pacific region. I manage engagement and the senior consultant for global programs for SVPs/VPs in IT; Services Sales; Marketing; Communications and Corporate Affairs organizations.