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Patricia Murray Childree

My favourite part of my job is that I get to help people understand what they need to be at their best! I have the ability to help individuals see a different ways of doing things, exposing what really gets them revved up and going in the morning. Continuing to apply I.D. ™ gives them additional tools to be successful and fulfilled in life.

What is compelling is the depth and richness the I.D. brings to individuals and teams. It allows people to recognize the innate talents they bring to the table and how to make the most of those talents. It also allows them to become more aware of how they may be different from the people they work/live/play with – and how to make those differences invaluable, versus becoming a frustration.

My business background allows me to have an understanding of what makes companies work. I have had extensive experience bringing teams together and driving them towards a common goal. Developing individuals and teams, mentoring, coaching and facilitating are some of the talents I have gained over the years.

Even today, people I worked with over the years reach out for coaching. Utilizing I.D. ™ I help them to gain better awareness of what drives them in order to look into new roles that may be more stimulating for them.