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Julienne Barton

I am passionate about seeing and helping businesses and their people develop, grow, and realise their dreams and potential and bring over 35 years of business experience doing so as a business leader, advisor, coach and mentor.

It is through this work that one of my clients introduced me to the Instinctive Drives® (I.D.™) system in 2001. I was astounded at how insightful it was in enabling me to understand how to get the best out of people and the profound impact that this awareness of self and others could have on their personal success and fulfilment as well as the success of their businesses.

n 2012 I joined the Instinctive Drives team as an Account Executive and Consultant and have attained I.D. Black Belt status. In this role, I work with senior leaders of global enterprises in helping them install the I.D. System within their organisations. Once deployed throughout an enterprise, the I.D. System becomes a transformative, enduring common language that fosters trust and fast tracks building high performing teams. It provides unique insights for leaders to better understand their people, teams and organization. It enables more effective people interactions and collaboration that lead to dramatically improved engagement, cycle times, team dynamics and culture.

I love being part of an outstanding team that leverages the I.D. System for the benefit of global enterprises, enabling their leaders and their teams to transform their businesses and have fulfilling lives.