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Passion, Purpose and Fascination

Some people are fortunate to find their calling in life early on; some find it after experimenting with various options and adventures, and of course, there are those that never quite get there.

Living a life that is aligned to your passion and purpose is like the “holy grail” for most humans, and only found by a relative few. But I believe it’s more within reach than we might realise. Having studied this topic for most of my working life, I see that there are 2 pathways to consider; finding your passion and purpose AND living with passion and purpose – and they are quite different things!

For most people, identifying their passion and purpose is a process of experimentation. Some find it easier to reflect on the idea of a ‘calling’. Another valuable approach is to observe what fascinates you? Especially those topics, situations or people that fascinate you. A great way to validate your answers is to ask yourself whether you’d be willing to do these things if you weren’t getting paid for them, or if no one else was watching!

The second consideration is living with passion and purpose. This is a daily decision that everyone can make. The people you observe who do appear to live this way haven’t necessarily found the magical niche for their knack. They’ve found a way to convert any situation to a form that aligns with how they need to operate to be inspired and at their best. It’s advanced self-awareness: first you need to know what your “way” is : what do you need to be motivated and at your best? Your I.D. shows you that.

Then you’re able to translate situations to match your needs. For example, if you detest monotonous, predictable tasks, and instead work best with variety, change things up and work in short bursts. This will keep your energy up and your motivation high.