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My favourite metric for leadership…is “followership”! If no one is following you, then simply put, you’re not leading! By definition, leadership means you are future-focused, as in you are leading others towards some future goal or destiny.

In today’s dynamic world, where so much change and transformation is constantly occurring, one of the critical considerations for EVERY leader, is relevance. It’s no longer sensible or safe to assume that, just because a market exists for you today (for you, your skills, your products and services), that it will also be there in 5 years’ time – no matter how successful you or your business might be today.

Today’s best strategic leaders are acutely focused on relevance. What do you need to be doing differently to ensure you’re relevant in 5 year’s time? And not just professionally, but also personally?

Don’t confuse sustainable with relevant. Fitness can make you sustainable. A healthy bank balance can make you sustainable, but not relevant.

In reflecting on relevance, think also about the ecosystem you belong to and what is happening to it/them? Whilst on the one hand you may feel safe, if others in your ecosystem are being disrupted or transformed, then there will be a likely domino effect onto you as well.

Relevance – it’s a crucial currency for strategic leaders today!