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What does it mean to be ‘in stride’?

When we talk about using Instinctive Drives to be at your best, we often use the terms ‘being in stride’ or ‘at your peak performance’. What do we really mean by them?

‘Being in stride’ is all about operating in a way that aligns with your natural wiring. The results? You’ll see a marked and positive difference not only in what you achieve, but also in how you feel about yourself and your life. Those around you will also get to see and experience the benefits of you being true to yourself.

And peak performance? That’s when it all comes together – when you’re fully ‘in the zone’ and getting to discover the success and fulfilment that comes with doing things in your best and natural way,

Click below to listen to the recording on the profound effect that being ‘in stride’ with your Instinctive Drives can have on you and your life.