What does it mean to be ‘in stride’?

When we talk about using Instinctive Drives to be at your best, we often use the terms ‘being in stride’ or ‘at your peak performance’. What do we really mean by them?

Why Relevance is a crucial currency for today's leaders

Today’s best strategic leaders are acutely focused on relevance. What do you need to be doing differently to ensure you’re relevant in 5 years’ time?

Passion, Purpose and Fascination

Some people are fortunate to find their calling in life early on; some find it after experimenting with various options and adventures, and of course, there are those that never quite get there.

Being 'in-flow'

Ever had the experience of listening to a speaker and getting all excited about a topic - such as how to fulfill your potential - only to quickly get disillusioned when they stop short of sharing the 'magic formula' of how to achieve the goal?

Multiply don't diminish

Most people hate the thought of pigeonholing others or being pigeonholed with labels that aren’t kind and empowering such as compulsive, obsessive or negative or – maybe even more hurtful – lazy, controlling or superficial. Yet, we often assign labels to others lightly. In my work with Instinctive Drives, I’ve frequently found them to be misplaced and, in many cases, even if later retracted, they have proven to have left lingering, even debilitating scars.

Do opposites attract?

In short yes, opposites frequently do attract. But, ironically, the very same things that sparked that attraction can, over time, become a source of irritation, resentment and even relationship breakdown.

Take the BE IN AWE challenge!

Do you see and appreciate the natural talents of those around you? This goes way beyond acknowledging or paying lip-service to other's abilities or identifying tasks and projects that draw upon people's diverse and complimentary abilities.

At a much more profound level, it is about really understanding others to the point where you can be in AWE of their innate gifts.

Goals, themes or both?

How are you going to meet the challenge of 2020 and the decade ahead. Whether resulting from the widely reported (let alone personally experienced!) failure of New Year’s resolutions, or our current obsession with soundbites, I’m fascinated by the trend of setting ‘themes’ rather than creating fixed goals. The concept involves choosing a word or short phrase that sets your overall intention for the year, providing a focus for your efforts, behaviors, and decisions.

Checking for engagement when the camera's off!

While it continues to be a difficult time around the globe, I’ve been inspired by the way our clients – whilst many of them are used to operating virtually – are rising to the challenge of working from home – whether in isolation or alongside partners and children.

8 Protocols for running a virtual meeting

Leading successful online meetings is an art – here’s my top tips based on working with virtual teams across the globe

Characteristics of a high performing team

I’ve had the privilege to work with some incredible teams over the years within the world of sport, the not-for-profit and community sector, and across both small-scale and globally spread businesses. I’m fascinated by the mix and interplay of behaviors, to-dos and intentions that combine to deliver success.